Accelerating the progress of a system so that it’s inherent contradictions more rapdily reach the point of unsustainability, resulting in breakdown or paradigm shift.

Agalmic Economy

The digital information economy that surrounds info-products. Agalmics has grown exponentially as the commercial productspace is increasingly reduced to serializable information atoms.


General Alias: Eschaton, Kali Yuga.


Ideology espousing a belief in a centralized authorship protocol that presides over the distribution and consumption of created content. Dominant set of the surface web belief-matrix.
see: belief-matrix, internet gentrification, surface web


Capitalist flows considered to be an autonomous supra-entity dominating all narrative organization in the Mostmodern era. see: capitalocene, mostmodernism, narrative organization, supra-entity


Bad Ending


Externally received database of beliefs. Used either to describe a packaged belief set for direct consumption (alias: ideology) or an individual’s own accumulated belief set.




Transdisciplinary area of research integrating cultural evolution, economic history/cliometrics, macrosociology, the mathematical modeling of historical processes in the longue durée, and the construction and analysis of historical databases in order to perform general predictions about the future behavior of very large groups of people. Alias: psychohistory.
see: longue durée, prosopography, syncretism

CA Lattice

Cosmology placing cellular automata as the principle organizational foundation of all reality.


*see: [self-organization](#self-organization)*

Capital Encoding

Infastructural micromanipulation


computational loop quantum gravity

Collective Echopraxia

The involuntary imitation of the observed movements and actions of other persons on a mass scale.

Convergent Collapse

Late-stage cultural process following an intensity of mostmodernist blurring of technological fields. Irreversibility defines itself everywhere in the collective mores, giving rise to major multidiscipinarity, culminating in a sublime synergistic system which can no longer be understood at its apex.
see: apocalypticism, mostmodernism, synergy

Chaos Magick

Engineering synchronicity through willed manipulation of internal thoughtmatrices. see: [thoughtmatrix, synchronomysticism, synchronicity

Chronal Folding

Process whereby the distinction between a predictable future and the known present grows increasingly irrelevant. Alias: Deflationary Time.


Material or element that is pervasive throughout narrative history. see: narrative organizer


Any material which can have its physical properties manipulated in a programmable fashion based upon user input or autonomous sensing. Alias: programmable matter, smart matter.


Virtual-social consensus standard of evidence relying on the convergence of multiple, independent sources. Personal consilience outmoded by deepfakery.


memory returns without it being recognised as such by the subject, who believes it is something new and original; others memory believed to be ones own





The Internet underground comprised of anti-authorial radicals who refused to conform to the gentrified internet despite its pseudoillegality. Forced to organize on increasingly obscurantist systems to avoid surveillance. see: authorialism, hyperforum, internet gentrification, pictolinguism, psuedoillegal, referentialism

Decentralized Autonomous Corporation


Ease of convincing neural network audio, image and video fakes leading to the deconstruction of trust in self-perception.

Discontinuous Jump

Pertaining to the meandric nature of societal development, this is a case in which an unseen, imaginary development suddenly becomes real, which causes civilization emphatically to jump from one point to another. See: bifurcation, hyperstition, meandric


Emotion Overloading





An entity of any kind is a glob in fact-space. The world – the collection of all thoughts and objects – is a pattern spread out through fact-space.

Fractal Collapse

Late-stage cultural process following an Industry dominated narrative organization that results in a marked rise of disillusion and terror relating to one’s cultural self-identity. The collective thought world shrinks down to smaller and smaller splinter-groups until wider meaning is lost and distinct civilization ends, leaving behind only an ultra-large framework of technology. See: apocalypticism, decentralization

Free Genome Movement

“Gene patents represent the foremost impediment to personalized medicine.” - Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health. 2016

Movement fighting for the freedom to perform genome research, test one’s own genome and make use of refined genomics with impunity and without charge. Proponents believe gene patenting limits genomic advancement and causing great harm to the public by making scientific research costly, forcing peer review to the para-academic underground and requiring testers to hide pressing diagnostic results from patients, preventing application for those who need it. Most prominently lead by the Free Genome Foundation (FGF), founded by Rick Carlson and James Watson, other historical players include Californians for Universal Voluntary Individual Genomic Sequencing and the $0 Genomics Project.

Largely spurred by the post-millenial policies of megacorporation Myriad Genetics, whose aggressively enforced monopoly over parts of the human genome made full genome tests illegal and refusal to contribute their database or methodology prevented verifiability of their predictions. In 2013, Myriad was forced to relinquish their patents when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of open-sourcing natural gene sequences - yet in doing so, allowed patents on refined genomes.

see: human_genome_project, megacorporation


Global Ecophagy

Bad Ending when self-replicating nanobots converting its natural environment (“biomass”) into replicas of themselves (“nanomass”) on a global scale. Alias: Grey goo scenario.
see: utility fog


Simplistic, interoperable web design allowing it to be machine-readable on non-standard platforms, sharing the virtues of the Gopher protocol. Antonym: httpocritical. see: httpocritical

Gnosis Pranking

Emotional overloading accomplished by exposing rational flaws or inherent contradictions in an individual’s worldview, or thoughtmatrix.


the belief that there exists a program for a universal computer which computes the evolution of the universe.


Haptic Virus

Digital self-reproducing malware that harms the physical body of its victim through targeting neurosynaptic vulnerabilities. Alias: H-virus. see: synapse failure

Humane Genome Project

Decentralized autonomous corporation programmed by the Free Genome Foundation to run a neural network protocol to recursively scan, analyze and patent genes under the Humane Genome Project License (HGPL), a permissive cell line license open-sourcing genomes and exomes before biocorporations can patent them. see: decentralized autonomous corporation, free genome movement, viral license


Anonymous realtime imageboard. see: hypersphere


The collective network of hyperforum communities. see: hyperforum


Element of effective culture that makes itself real; fictional quantity functional as a time-traveling device. see: egregore, hyperreal, phasor


Manifestation of digitalities in the real world. see: egregore, hyperstition




Thoughtcompressed writing.

Information Atom

an ur is represented by a two-dimensional Hilbert space with the universal symmetry group SU(2), and can only be characterized as one bit of potential information. In this sense it is not a spatial but an information atom


Internet Gentrification

The historical second stage of the early Internet, when it undertook commercialization, became common to the masses and the corporatist authorial ideology took prominence, driving the incumbent community underground and birthing the darkweb. see: authorialism, darkweb



Kaos Magick

If chaos magic is postmodern, chaos magic is mostmodern. Web magick. Exploiting intricacies of belief virtuality


Longue durée

School of historical writing that operates on a structural perspective, oppsoed to histoire événementielle, evental history. see: longue durée, prosopography, syncretism


Lyapunov time

Chaotic timescale after a dynamical system has moved beyond the bounds of precise, probabilistic predictability. Unlike usual physicomechanical time, of an essentially reversible quantity (static axis adding a fourth dimension to three-dimensional space), “Lyapunov time” flows irreversibly, in one direction, and, consequently, consists not of a once-and-for-all defined trajectory (in four-dimensional space), but of “events,” completely unpredictable movements, which are arbitrary, accidental, irregular. see: bifurcation, quantum hypothesis


Machinic Phylum

The flow of matter-movement in continuous variations conveying singularities. Any process in which order emerges out of chaos as a result of its nonlinear dynamics.

Matrix Collapse

An individual’s thoughtmatrix collapses due to exposed internal contradictions. Common result of gnosis trolling.


Colloquially, a twisting, winding shape.

In Mathematics, a self-avoiding closed curve which intersects a line a number of times.

In Sociology, the psuedoform civilization takes until its return to its primordial state.






Present day present time, eternally. Lyunapov see: convergent collapse


Narrative Organizer

Element or material acting to organize the narrative of history. A lesser form can be considered a narrative lubricant.

Neologism Mining

Also known as autoneologism.


Memetic practice employing repetition with subtle or no modification, each expression modulated.

Network Lucidity


Sum of all human thought, the transcendent thoughtworld. Alias: collective consciousness see: nooscope, thoughtworld




The view that the universe is a computational machine, or rather a network of computational processes which, following fundamental physical laws, computes (dynamically develops) its own next state from the current one. Alias: naturalist computationalism.



Online network of academic scientists, researchers and theorists who are forced to publish their research anonymously due to its radicalness or psuedoillegality.

Paradigm Trap

Boundaries preventing thought outside the existing frame of thinking. The scientific method is a process of defining and exploring the boundaries of arbitrary paradigm traps, developed up until the internal contradictions become unsustainable and a new paradigm becomes necessary. [see: Acceleration]

Pareidolic Noise

Pictolinguistic miscommunication, where meaning is found where none is present. Sometimes results in the formation of new data in a thoughtmatrix. see: pictolinguism, synchronicity


In Engineering, an analytic representation of a complex electric signal; impedance being the sum of resistance and reactance.

In Sociology, the real part of civilization, the fully-defined, petrified cultural form (resistance) which undergoes an imaginary change (reactance) that could impact the totality (impedance) over time.


Iconographic dialect that speaks to a priori knowledge coded as such to speak only to those who already know. Sufficiently evocative imagery can access an individual’s thoughtworld. see: pareidolic noise


Alias: noospheric singularity.


Investigation of the common characteristics of a cultural group whose individual biographies may be largely untraceable by means of a collective statistical study of their lives in multiple career-line analysis. see: cliodynamics


Digitalities that are censored and controlled against in practice despite not being judicially listed.


In Mineralogy, a mineral compound that appears in atypical form resulting from a substitution process in which the appearance and dimensions remain constant, but the original mineral is replaced by another.

In Sociology, when a past alien culture prevents a younger culture of the same land from developing its own expression-forms or a fully independent self-consciousness.


Alias: alternate reality




Proponents of the Quantum Hypothesis. see: Quantum Hypothesis

Quantum Hypothesis



Ideology espousing a state where network relationships are of primary importance in the generation of meaning, leaving subject-object distinction irrelevant.

Research Chemical

alias: designer drug.

Runaway Egregorism

Also known as mass egregorism, thoughform epidemic. pandaemonium.



Subconscious, pathological manipulation arising out of insecurity or vulnerability, generally employed from a “sub” point of feigned weakness. Common in Vicious Cycles.

Surface Web

In contrast of the pseudo-illegal darkweb. C(IA)orporate-controlled and authorialist. Dominantly organized by autocapitalism, users are forced to stay within the boundaries of strict belief-matrices. see: authorialism, autocapitalism, darkweb,

Synapse Failure

Neuroelectronic overload resulting in short-term psychosis experienced from prankster-malware on a VRset.






Umbrella term for various digital cosmologies. This can take the form of of a huge cellular automata, a universal turing machine, computational loop quantum gravity. Also known as digital physics,



Style of writing and communcation-encryption protocol involving the truncation of concepts into phrases into words, an autopraxis of neologism farming, and the steady liberation of hard science concepts into colloquialisms. The result is stenoexpansion is left client-side, allowing for highly compressed and infostratum-encrypted expression


Remote presence aided by digital technology


Anachronistic denial of teleological principles driving intelligent life.

Tensegric identity

Tensegrity or tensional integrity, identity in the space between personas.


Autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of an individual


Individual’s enumerated database of accessible, conscious knowledge


The full network of connected thoughtmatrices in the individual’s realm of influence



Individual’s full spectrum of knowledge including the subconscious and inaccessible

Traditional Method

In contrast to the outmoded Scientific Method, received new attention as it proved effect in artificial intelligence development, which effectively simulates the traditional method on a rapid time-scale. Alias: Heuristic Science.

Turing Oracle:

A method for determining whether a given program ever halts. There is no algorithm to do this. Access to a Turing Oracle is near-godlike computing power. For instance, one could prove Fermat’s Last Theorem (or almost any other theorem) by writing a program that tries all possible x, y, z, and n until it finds a solution of xn+yn=z^n, then asking the Turing Oracle whether the program will ever find a solution. It would also factor large integers, fold proteins, etc.


Ultimate Ensemblism

The view that our external physical reality is a mathematical structure. That is, the physical universe is not merely described by mathematics, but is mathematics (specifically, a mathematical structure). Mathematical existence equals physical existence, and all structures that exist mathematically exist physically as well. Observers, including humans, are “self-aware substructures (SASs)”. In any mathematical structure complex enough to contain such substructures, they “will subjectively perceive themselves as existing in a physically ‘real’ world”. Alias: Mathematical Universe Hypothesis


Vicious Cycle

Viral License

Alias: Copyleft.


The seeming of something, as opposed to its reality. Everything has a reality and a virtuality.


Headset monitor usually paired with chorded keyboard controllers to allow full presence terminal access.