John Hejduk (-)

A woman lives in the house; she has taken its name.
A house knows who loves it.
An empty house is one that metamorphoses into vacant space.
The breath of a house is the sound of voices within.
I sense I am leaving you.
I loved you in/a/way.
Forever is everfor.
Maze Gods the soul.
Maze guards the body.
The house is a nocturnal thing; this is seen from the out side
  when the lights are turned on.
The house is like a black cat at night, only a silhouette.
A house roams at night when its occupants sleep.
Night dreams are accelerated in fixed rooms.
Day dreams blank out light.
The yawning of a house comes from the excessive sound of
  its inhabitants.
The house likes the weaver; it remembers its early construction.
The sister of a house is its garden.
When a house is sad its glazing clouds over and there is no
  movement of air
The house never forgets the sound of its original occupants.
A house's ghosts stay inside; if they leave and go outside they
A house is only afraid of gods, fire, wind, and silence.
A house's blood is the moving people within when they still stop.
A house is seen crying when it sheds its rainwaters.
The gods are jealous of the house because the house cannot fly.
The stairs of a house are mysterious because they move up and
  down at the same time.
Snow is female, icicles male.
A house fears the wind and is afraid of trees.
A house carries its own weight, also the sorrows within.
Lightning is the house's direct connection to the heavens.

God gave man two houses, his body and his soul.
All souls implode when a woman dies; it is then when man's heart
  disappears. The sanctuary of a house is the closed room.
Man gave names to rooms, God gave the space.
The sound of a house is its distant lament.
The furniture of a house is the silent witness of man.
The house doorknob inverts time.
The aroma of a room is defined by woman's presence and by her
A house's shadow proves its dark two-dimensionality.
A house's calendar is its internal falling leaves.
Crawling vines on a house hint at its agelessness.
When a woman's dress falls on the floor of a room God hears it.
The birth of a house is from a female.
To dance in a house is a forbidden fruit.
A house awaits letters.
A house's windows yearn for the sun.
Frosted windows are the drawing boards of a house.
A porch of a house mediates between nature and building.
A house lies in state during wars.
Flowered wallpaper within a house makes the house feel an
Locked doors within a house mean either joy or horror.
The stone floors of a house in winter send a chill to all extremities.
The thoughts of a private house should be kept secret.
Heat rises in a house in order to return to mother sun.
God named house.
The soul of a house is its soul.
The awnings of a house indicate a house's sorrow.
Moonlight within a house is the darkest light imaginable.
A house wakes up in the morning and smiles at the bird feeder.
Night stars are an indication that it is snowing in the universe.
A red down makes the house drowsy.
A house plays with the lake through its reflections.