YEAR20XX:The release of the leaked hyperstitional warfare CIA presentation. Later revealed to be a forgery, likely by the previously nonexistent hyperstition department acting to meme itself into federal reality. It however bore a mark on the psyche of the dark net as the actualization techniques were laid bare.

YEAR20XX:Release of the first hyperstitional virus. Began as a prank rumor of where users would pretend to know a relation who caught a virus that induced a deadly seizure in a VRset crash. A well-known joke, it eventually came to light that the virus did in fact exist; whether it was designed following the joke or always did is unclear (or unimportant, depending on your point of view).

YEAR20XX:The authored web/referential web split. Advanced CIA algorithms resulted in the ability to track all posters through linguistic analysis: syntax, grammar, style. The dark web couldn’t survive using traditional hardened practices anymore, forcing pseudo-illegal communication to exist as purely reference based: sharing hyperlinks between users without context or socialization.

Some users had the idea of implementing a coded communication through the order and timing of links shared but the CAI’s quickly learned the new medium, which resulted in them also learning to track the natural, accidental encoding that was previously limited to linguistic trend, forcing all users to resort to true random delay and ordering algo’s.

Things were dark but the energy was high, the extreme degree of reference being passed around radicalized the increasingly underground community. Conversation began to be seen as a handicap impeding actualization and theory progressed rapidly.

YEAR20XX:The pictorial web. Split in the dark community — (1) hyper-textual content sharing [referential; non-communicative; theory-radicalizing] (2) pictorial imminent encoding [fractal, psuedomorphic, microcosmic collective consciousness]

YEAR20XX:The experiential web - Hyperanonymous autonomous forums (HAAF). A new link mysteriously originated that seemed to synthesize the two disparate darkwebs and quickly spread, changing everything. It was a new kind of forum, known as a hyperanonymous autonomous forum, or hyperforum for short. It had to be channeled into to properly engage with, requiring users to enter a kind of trance when posting, which anonymized by eliminating the individual ego. The result was the distinct sensation that that which you said didn’t come from you, rather you were a channeling for the collective subconsciousness - but these were microcollectives, trapped in discreet cosmos, and people quickly started to realize if the structural conditions were manipulated, the internal chaos could be harnessed towards organized structures of radical complexity, and vaguely towards their own ends.

NEAR_PRESENT_DAY: Things were foggy. When everything is known orally and everyone has the habit of twisting Truth for sport, sense of reality becomes both splintered and clairvoyant. We were all searching for something. And you hear a lot of weird rumors, always from some other cell and that had all dead links when you tried to follow the hyper trail.

Things without explanation have started to happen on the net. We engage as so many daemons in the ether, lost in an aimless run as a rule in a kind of dervish ritual drifting until those moments the network would suddenly burst into highly complex “actions”. We didn’t really understand what we were doing, or what was being accomplished, but the fact is the effects were hyperreal. Or a collective delusion, maybe? It doesn’t really make a difference, does it?