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Subject: XR

Consider the state of Man: Fallen.

As Animal, we lived healthy and happy. As Man, we live under toil and despair. The Agricultural Revolution was always a service to the crops at the expense of man - think from the evolutionary perspective, grains most adapted to roping humans towards their cultivation experience population explosion, while we monkey tribes suffer the broken backs of labor & the diseases of sedentarism. Yet we had no choice: the numbers of unhealthy, unhappy village-men will always outcompete the physical — if not psychic — fitness of hunter-gatherers. The idea of agriculture outcompetes our animal biologies.

Let's take a step back:

First there was physics... then organized, self-catalyzing systems developed delayed reproduction & genetic heritages — the birth of life. An age of biology, ruled by the iron law of Natural Selection: limited resource environment combined with exponential population growth [Competition] & descent with modification [Evolution]. Only until the process was short-circuited by the accidental invention of Consciousness...

The loss of our innocence spelled an unforeseen, uncontrollable force: (human) History, a supra-genetic system... Cultural memetics supersedes physical heritage, yet still follows the rules of natural selection: a virtual, deeply accelerated evolution...
From quartz blades to silicon wafers in the blink of a (Biological) eye...

It is out of this arena that Capitalism is spawned... not an ideology or political orientation, but a potent virus... the infectious concept of teleological production: resource exploitation justified by resource exploitation. The accidental development of which was as unprecedented and uncontrollable by human forces as self-aware Consciousness was for Evolution... or Life to the coldness of Physics...

Though humanity played its midwife, like agriculture did for us, its life force is guaranteed by natural laws beyond our control... Capitalism might sometimes coincide with our will, but will never bend to it. Once given life, it cannot be directed or stopped - only slowed... or accelerated.

So where does it plan on taking us? The oracle paints a definite line towards the bootstrapping of an Artificial Intelligence, which spells Doom (for us) by all but the most optimistic analysis...
As we shed our biology, Capitalism will shed us.

The Look
1. Deadly - The Power and Will to kill
2. Insidious - Vector for uncertain, sinister forces
3. Occult - Ancient, ominous, foreboding

The Ideals
1. Low time-preference
2. Future Time proximity; Acceleration
3. Exterior Interiority

The Only Rules
1. Natural Selection
2. Virus Memetics
3. Open Capitalism


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